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Taurus pt945 trigger spring

taurus pt945 trigger spring 99 Add to cart; Stainless Recoil Assembly for the Taurus TH9 $ 39. The single-action trigger pull was over 4 pounds with all of the mainsprings when combined with the factory 18-pound rebound spring. It simply forces the shooter to have their entire finger over the trigger shoe to naturally depress the trigger safety. P. 22 Ultra-Lite Revolver. no tolerance allowed. However, their uber-affordable G2c pistol is a very good value for a handgun, especially with a price of under $200 if you shop around. Disassembling my PT945 This video is a step by step walk through on how to do a trigger job on your Taurus PT100 / 92 and install a Beretta D spring for a lighter, smoother double Doing this will make the initial trigger pull much lighter, as well as being a shorter distance for the trigger to travel to cause the gun to fire. Will also try and get Taurus to send me a full spring kit for the plungers and whatnot. I did contact Taurus about replacing the broken trigger return spring and after having to pay $50 for a return shipping label (to ship it to their Miami, Florida facility) and waiting 43 days, I did receive it back in totally working condition. S. 375". You can read more products details and features here. Function: Trigger. The government model in . Taurus G3 Stainless Recoil Assembly (Guide Rod) 9mm $ 34. Now, Taurus continues the G-series lineage with the all-new G3c. 38 Super can get their brand of firepower in a medium frame package with the Taurus 945 and 38S pistols. 5 pounds, which is pretty close to ideal for a combat handgun. 00 + $3. Bottom line on the spring swap upgrade is that for the paltry sum of $8. 29: 79274: taurus pt945 +10% xp magazine spring pak of Taurus PT945 . This is the gun that Bourne is seen holding on some posters for the film. Have a older lady with a Taurus Judge trying to help and she likes the gun but struggles with the stiff trigger pull since she has lost some of the fine motor skills and strength in their shooting hand and arm. $15. 45 ACP and . 25 Inch Barrel Blued Rubber Grips 8+1 Mag NICE!!! FINE TO EXCELLENT CONDITION. SHOWS SOME SIGNS OF WEAR FROM USE. , FSW hammer spring and (1) 16 lb. 45 ACP Magazine. $40. I just bought a Taurus Model 94 . Designed by engineer Jason Pittman, describing it starts with the trigger safety. 27 shipping. Hello. The specs say that the factory springs are 11lbs for the hammer and 14lbs for the trigger. Both the PT 809 C’s single- and double-action trigger pulls are a little on the heavy side, with my Chatillon trigger-pull gauge showing the SA pull at 7. We have more info about Detail, Specification, Customer Reviews and Comparison Price. 00 51217 Wolff TAURUS PT945 17# Recoil Spring Be the first to write a review Recoil Springs are available with load-rated specifications to tailor the recoil function to individual needs. 40, PT 111 Millennium® PRO 9mm, PT 140 Millennium® G2 / G2c . Buy Online keeping the car safe transaction. $29. 5 pounds and the DA pull at 12 Founded in 1982, Taurus Holdings Inc. OPERATES AS IT SHOULD. The trigger pull weight of the PT145 is smoother, lighter and shorter than that of the Kel-Tec P11, and it is therefore easier to shoot straight. You will get The Taurus Judge 45 Colt 410 cheap price after look at the price. This is a short stroke SA/DA trigger for the Taurus PT111/140 G2/G2C/G2S/G3/G3C series of guns. Taurus Obsolete Gun Parts, Bob's Gun Shop, 350 Models of Parts in Stock. The factory pull was 13 pounds. The 2nd series also introduced the 'Taurus Security System' (TSS), the Taurus version of an Integrated firearm locking safety system, as well as the enhancements Taurus categorizes as the Millennium ‘Pro’ package. Taurus PT945. If you are searching for read reviews The Taurus Judge 45 Colt 410 price. Brighten up your life… As noted, the Taurus Spectrum . Taurus Armas not only builds the firearms for which it is rightfully famous, but also an incredible Taurus 809 Recoil Spring Final Thoughts We put the Taurus 809 threw two range sessions totaling over 800 rounds of various full metal jacketed ammunition with great results. Short Reach Steel Trigger: 9/28/2016: I recently purchased a Beretta M9. 99: Time left: 23d 10h 10m: Taurus Model 740 Slim . He now owns a Taurus LBR. It removes the failure prone stock trigger safety and reduces trigger travel distance by about 30%. Kit contains (1) 11 lb. The reason it had to be removed is that the slide release spring holds the trigger pivot pin in place. images within the website might not be subjected to the actual product & content can be changed without notice to user. This auction is only for the trigger and trigger spring; the pictures of the gun are only included to see what the trigger looks like, installed. The TX22’s most notable feature is its Taurus Pitt-man Trigger System (PTS) which provides a trigger reset that is short and spring-­assisted, allowing the shooter to deliver quick follow-­up shots while maintaining good sight alignment. Stock No. Taurus G2C Handgun Magazine 9mm 12/rd. Its based on the Taurus model 85. Barrel PT945/PT945CP sts. This pak contains 1 each 10, 11 and 12 pound reduced power hammer springs for Taurus 669 series revolvers and 1 each 10 and 11 pound reduced power trigger return springs allowing adjustment for lighter and smoother trigger and hammer action. Use in conjunction with the included NicTaylor00 reduced powder hammer and trigger springs for an even lighter trigger pull. 410 Bore/. A Taurus representative explained the system as not having any pre-cocking of the striker combined with a striker block. 380 Subcompact is available in a wide variety of colors and color combinations. 4 1/4" Total Length. So, it isn't the easiest to change. 357 five-shot revolver which we took to the range for the first time this week I don't know the model right now, and the gun is at my son's house. The front strap of the Taurus 1911 Commander hasn’t been lifted; that is, the radius from front strap to trigger guard is the expected curve. Taurus Pistol Barrels, Taurus Pistol Grips, Taurus Pistol Hammers, Taurus Psitol Firing Pins, Taurus Revolver Parts, Taurus Obsolete Revolver Parts, Taurus Obsolete Firing Pins, Taurus Revolver Cylinders, Taurus Used Pistol Grips,Taurus Revolver Parts, Taurus Automatic Pistol Firing Pins. The trigger action is good enough in single action mode; but reverting to double action makes it feel as if I am firing a cap gun. -Install some light Wolff springs, 9 pound hammer, 6. SOME LIGHT SCRATCHES/DINGS. CUSTOMER CARE: 229-235-4020 or 800-327-3776. We then went to the left side of the gun and reinstalled the slide release with its spring. Public Apology in Order. Taurus USA has no love for me, and I no love for them. 40, PT 745 Millennium® PRO . Taurus PT945 45acp, pistol parts, pins, springs, and lever. For historical reasons, the Taurus PT92 series strongly resembles the Beretta 92 family. The recoil spring assembly is on the bottom of the barrel. beretta 92 & 96,taurus trigger spring pak of 1 : 3. Both trigger and spring can be installed in a matter of minutes. I ran a Federal Valu-Pak through my Taurus M94 . Like the Beretta, the Taurus PT92 utilizes the open-slide design where the upper portion of the slide is cut away exposing much of the barrel itself. The manual thumb safety function is retained, and the Taurus PT945. 45 caliber $ 37. SEE PHOTOS. 4. The height includes the sights and magazine base. R. The trigger pull was little bit gritty to start with, but it smoothed out nicely – it’s a good trigger pull on a self-defense street gun. It has been well taken ca Taurus had in previous articles I've seen been slammed for their trigger pull. The government model in . SA 1911 triggers will not work. Payment needs to be received within 3 days of the end of the auction. 16 TAURUS PISTOLS OPERATION (PT58 S-D, PT92 C-D, PT92 AF-D, PT99 AF-D, PT908, PT100 AF-D, PT101 AF-D, PT911, PT938, PT940, PT945 and PT957) 1. 45. Taurus Model 82 . Overall length is 1. 40 Cal S&W Taurus G2C, G2S and PT140 G2 $ 38. The HP 22 slide recoil spring runs parallel beneath the barrel like most standard semi-automatic pistols, but there is no recoil spring guide rod. AmeriGun Club Grip Extension for Taurus PT738 TCP 380 & PT732 1. 95 Add to cart Product Overview This unit was developed for Federal Law Enforcement agencies and produces a smoother trigger pull and improved trigger staging. TAURUS SECURITY SYSTEM™ Engagement (Secure) PT58 S-D, PT92 C-D, PT92 AF-D, PT99 AF-D, PT908, PT100 AF-D, PT101 AF-D, PT911, PT938, PT940, PT945 and PT957 Insert the key into the mechanism and turn clockwise until a click is felt or heard. The 9 lb. 25" Extra Long /AG003. See the FAQ section of the Forum. 45 ACP isn’t for everyone. A Taurus PT945 is used by one of the arms dealers at the site of the weapons/money exchange. Taurus Curve . Victory Trigger Shoe for Ruger 10/22 Installation Instructions. In stock. Transaccion: Venta de Pistola/Marca: Taurus/Modelo: Pt945/Descripcion: Solo venta Taurus The Taurus PT 24/7 pistol is a spring-powered airsoft gun that excels in intense airsoft skirmish missions. 5 oz to 7 lb, 6 oz. This is a factory original 8rd magazine for the Taurus PT945, 45 acp caliber pistols. The trigger is lengthened and lightened by means of three holes drilled through the bow. You will also note the little hole and "spring wire" that holds in the assembly pin, just like in the Kel-Tec. Though it visibly lacks the dingus safety lever that’s often found in the shoe of many striker-­fired pistols, there’s still a hidden safety Trigger safety is large. 1. 99. Cheap Taurus 605 Spring Kit And Franklin Armory Ar Trigger Doc Taurus 605 Spring Kit And Franklin Armory Ar Trigger BY Taurus 605 Spring Kit And Franklin Armory Ar Trigger in Articles Buy at this store. Shop our vast selection and save! 800-741-0015. $25. taurus pt945 +10% xp magazine spring pak of 1 : 7. Brownells is your source for Trigger Springs,Trigger Parts at Brownells parts and accessories. 5lb trigger pull with milspec springs. $25. Video shows how to install both the hammer and trigger spring for a Model 85 Taurus Ultralite (38 Special). 22 LR Revolver. 40 S&W - Extractor, Spring, and Welcome to ShopTaurus. This will be counted I've read that the replacement hammer spring can be to long for some models and not letting the hammer come all the way back, you can try clipping one coil at a time and retest It til the hammer comes all the way back. The first step in replacing the springs is to field strip the Taurus by removing the slide. The result is quality, consistency, durability and reliability. Here is the disassembled trigger spring assembly. No wonder it is so hard to fire! I was able to replace them with no tools other than the screwdriver to open the frame up. SER#DT474xx (GB50-48 #2017-10). I filed a coupe thousands off the rear of the barrel/forcing cone area which improved the function and trigger pull a little. 22 Caliber 2011 and newer: Due to changes in this gun by the manufacturer, Closing up the Taurus is a simple matter of reinstalling the trigger bar retaining spring on the right side of the frame. Tactical AIC Store has All Kinds of Stainless Steel Striker Guide for the Taurus G2C G2S G3 G3C PT111 G2 PT140 G2 709 740 9mm . The action is Swapping the trigger return spring is the same procedure as doing so for the main spring, if not a bit more challenging. I consider it an improved P220. The 90 series Beretta 9mm is a great firearm,but have notoriously rough trigger pulls. , RP recoil spring, (1) 18 lb. As far as I know, there are no replacement springs available for this design. Used a Wolff 30151 spring kit. In excellent condition! Magazines cannot be shipped to NY or DC. 95 Add to cart; Recoil Spring Double Set for 9mm Taurus PT111-G2 & PT111 G2C, G3C $ 12. We ordered the springs directly from Wolff Springs and they arrived within a few days of being ordered. 99 $34. The trigger guard is undercut at the back, enabling a high grip on the frame. Perhaps they reduced the hammer spring to make things easier and you just happened to get one at the low end of the scale. Magazine & Reloading The PT92 comes with a Fits all variations. The original PT92 was, in most respects, exactly like the original Beretta 92, though it was also unusual for the time in that it featured a squared trigger guard for supporting the index finger of the opposite hand while firing, a Taurus sees it as a competition-ready pistol, citing the grip, trigger and accuracy. The manual thumb safety function is retained, and the Mil-spec AR-15 triggers typically have an 8 to 9 pound trigger pull with factory springs. It is held in place by the spring's own tension against a notch in the barrel (2nd picture) and its slot in the end of the slide. Â He described the the lighter feel as “a huge January 2019 (Miami, FL) – Taurus® continues its mission of delivering premium handgun performance and technological advancements to the shooting enthusiast market with the all-new Taurus TX22. I preferred the flatter profile to the original trigger, but the G3C's trigger is perfectly Taurus G3c Light Single-ActionTrigger Press– 4. Trigger Press – Score: 10. $10. Add to cart; EGW 1911 Trigger A – Blank With Tank Treads 11300 $ 29. $15. 99 Add to cart; Stainless Steel Guide Rod for the Taurus PT 24/7-G2 Compact 9mm, . these will fit the following models as well as a few others i'm sure. 380 Spectrum has a 2. 26 Trigger Bar Spring) that presses up on the trigger bar (Item 3. +1 ! Trigger Spring NY 1 Olive; Taurus Pistols Spare Parts. Taurus makes 1911s, and they knew the above, so it shouldn’t come as Tag: Taurus Model 85 Parts. Handgun models are not supposed to work like that. Aficionados of the . Taurus is justifiably proud of its new trigger system. Taurus Pt945 Exploded View. But with a little gun range practice, you will get the hang of it. This replacement coil spring trigger return unit eliminates trigger spring breakage and requires no modification to the gun. Stamped"Made in Italy" on the side. Taurus states that the Spectrum offers a higher degree of safety than other striker-fired pistols. Whoever does the polishing appears to be pretty good at their craft. I contacted Wolf Springs to see if they had a replacement spring set to help lighten up the trigger pull by changeing out the trigger return spring and the hammer spring. Factory weight recoil spring for the Beretta 92, M9, Taurus PT92 & PT99. and are a guide to the price you may expect to be charged locally for those products. mine has never jammed,missfired, or malfunctioned in any way. The Trigger System. Search for The flat trigger surface provides an even and consistent trigger pull where ever the operators finger is placed. Easy to order and fast shipping. I don't mess with Taurus revolvers any more than I have to, and was unaware of this. The TX22 is a. The trigger pull is horrendous and it maxes out my buddies trigger pull gauge. A year ago I bought a Taurus 9 shot . Spring is really strong. We would recommend this store for you. Taurus PT22, 22LR, pistol parts, Trigger, springs, pins SN#ANB257XX EGW 1911 Trigger B – Redesigned E Trigger With Tank Tread 11301 $ 29. I've a friend who used to shoot and own S&W's prior to the ban. 7424 A new stainless slide/alloy receiver PT945 is a nicely finished firearm. The gun has a horendus double action trigger pull. A trigger that fires when you don’t hold it is a really dangerous thing. 45 ACP. 5 lb. Taurus Old Model 65 Cylinder Yoke. . 99 Add to cart; Lakeline LLC Threaded Target Barrel for the 9mm Taurus G3 Gold Titanium Contact Us. The third bit of weirdness is the trigger. Didn't know if any of you all know of a way to lighten up the trigger with out taking it for a full blown trigger job or trading guns. Continue Reading Taurus PT945 Kydex Holsters. 27 shipping. $25. . ===== Astra 600 9. $25. The Brownells stock # is 969-301-510. $ 10. To breakdown this gun, use a bushing wrench to twist the barrel bushing counterclockwise. com)- “The gun you wear” is the slogan that Taurus uses to describe their recent form-fitting concealed carry (CC) pistol. You just have to try your individual gun. Taurus PT945 Kydex Holsters. The Beretta 92 grips, however, are NOT interchangeable. You then hold your hand over the end to keep the spring from launching. *New Old Stock*, these parts have never been installed in a firearm. 45 ACP isn’t for everyone. 95. Pulling the trigger a second time without a full trigger release in the hope that the rebellious round will fire? Well, no. Blue finish. 91 Walt - Having owned a SigArms P220 and P226 and still owning a Taurus PT945, I would say that the PT945 is as close to cloning a Sig P200 as you can get without Patent infringement issues, designwise. Out of stock. This is a factory . And a final side-by-side view of the Taurus PT145 and the Kel-Tec P11. Compress the spring by pushing on the trigger spring swivel and pulling out the paper clip. 0-inch barrel, and a trigger safety, Taurus’s new G3 9mm semiautomatic pistol might not sound like anything new, but it is. The cylinder was dragging on the forcing cone. It removes the failure prone stock trigger safety and reduces trigger travel distance by about 45%. Taurus PT945 45acp, pistol parts, pins, springs, and lever. Taurus® has improved on this line of pistols through the 24/7 models. In Stock. 45 How to disassemble (field strip) Taurus PT911 PT940 and PT945 pistols: 1) remove the magazine by pressing the magazine release button; 2) check that the chamber is empty; 3) depress the takedown lever stop, which is the small button located on the right of the frame above the trigger guard; 4) while holding the button down, rotate the takedown lever (located at the left side of the frame 19 firing pin spring 20 thumb piece 21 thumb piece screw 22 frame 23 barrel 24 threaded insert 25 bolt 26 transfer bar 27 cylinder stop 28 trigger 29 hammer assembly 30 hand 31 side plate 32 yoke screw assembly 33 side plate screw 34 main spring assembly 35 hand spring 36 hand pin 37 trigger spring assy 38 bolt spring exploded view (856ul) 38 1 The Taurus Raging Hunter™ earned the 2019 American Hunter Handgun of the Year Golden Bullseye Award for its innovative design, reliability, and value, delivering on all the key points serious handgun enthusiasts seek in a hunting revolver. Dual recoil spring system aids in the PT 145's function, which proved flawless in our testing. Utilizing the KVP Reduced Power Spring Kit should achieve a trigger pull reduction of 2 to 4 pounds. A. 00 + $3. 95. If you were to upsize the G2c and add a few special tweaks, such as a more ergonomic frame, redesigned trigger, and a steel guide rod and spring assembly, you have, in essence, the G3 — so-named for being the third generation of the Taurus G-series pistols. NO CREDIT CARD FEES!! Payment and Shipping Instructions: Buyer pays $25. That spring pushes up on the trigger bar allowing the trigger to cock and release the hammer. ) Â Once he got the new springs installed, the weight was reduced to about 9 pounds 10 ounces. 97. 00 Install Trigger Bar Spring for Taurus Pt945 News : Apple's iOS 13 Developer Beta 6 Available for iPhone with New Dark Mode Control, Hidden Link Previews & More If tradition holds, we're roughly one month away from Apple's big iPhone announcement. The springs are precision wound using heat-treated chrome silicon wire. 45 Colt Taurus PT945 . I put the Wolf hammer spring in my Taurus 605 and have not had a problem. yes its a long hard trigger pull, but its not a target gun, its a highly concealable self defense pistol. Every gun is different. In fact, it’s not the best choice for a lot of people. There is a beaver tail grip safety and it is set perfectly as well, about ¾ of the way when depressed it releases the grip safety. Under the right grip you have an angled spring (Item 3. trigger pull to release the sear—a feature that Taurus ~ PT111 G2A ~ 9mm Description: SOLD Caliber Info: 9mm Metal Condition: Excellent Wood Condition: Excellent Bore Condition: Excellent Barrels: 3 Triggers: Factory trigger Stock: Black polymer frame Weight: 1lb. Taurus Judge Public Defender, Revolver, . Bruce uses a Wolff spring kit to replace the factory Taurus springs. Even with the FTFs, it is better now than when I bought it. 00 Swiss Arms Millennium PT111 Airsoft Spring Pistol by CyberGun Pre-Order (ETA August 2021) Includes 1 used factory Taurus trigger spring and center pin from a model 85. 9 mm PARA. In fact, it’s not the best choice for a lot of people. The trigger pull is the same double-action pull for every shot, and the pistol does have multiple-strike capability. Many buyers find the Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol to be extremely reliable to work for all kinds of applications. The Taurus PT-945 Semi Auto Pistols are an excellent example of Taurus' history. Safeties are proprietary Taurus. 82, 65,66 and 96. By loosening it, it can help reduce the trigger break-in period by a lot and make it much easier to use for first-time users. 22 4” without a FTF after installing lighter hammer and trigger springs. This is a true double-action-only pull, and the trigger resistance is provided not only by the striker spring, but also by the mousetrap-style trigger return spring beneath the trigger. We ordered a new hammer spring, trigger spring, and trigger bar spring. The company points to five areas where the Taurus Spectrum . We specialize in all military surplus weapons from AK-47s, AR-15s, Mausers, CETME, Enfields, UZIs, and much more! The PT945’s single-action trigger is two-stage with a crisp “break,” no discernable creep and a small amount of overtravel. 45ACP and all the ammo I have for it that vary from 185g to 230g. 45 Stainless - Trigger, Trigger Bar, Trigger Bar Spring, Trigger Spring, and Trigger Pin - Parts are in Good "Used" Condition! Questions. BORE LOOKS GOOD. Sights: Factory adjustable sights Extras: Comes with two magazines, factory box and Galloway Precision 16lb recoil spring Taurus G2C Overview. G3 Performance Parts; G2c, Millennium G2, PT111 G2, and PT140 G2 Performance Parts Trigger Return Springs; Triggers and Trigger Kits; T Recently installed this spring in a new Taurus 856 spur-less hammer revolver. If Wolff told you to go ahead with it, then go for it. Â With the factory springs, the M380 had a trigger pull weight of more than 12 pounds (the maximum his gauge could measure. Home / Products tagged “Taurus Model 85 Parts” / Products tagged “Taurus Model 85 Parts” $ Taurus judge problems . Even with the stock hammer spring, it feels great. 8-inch barrel The exterior fit and finish is close to excellent, but the internal parts finishing left much to be desired. Good used condition . TANDEMKROSS Ruger 10/22 "Ultimate" Trigger Kit. 38 Special (Ultralite). $24. Add to cart; EGW 1911 Trigger D – Blank Trigger 11303 $ 25. The trigger pull handles the entire cocking and release of the striker to help prevent any accidental discharges. , 7 ozs. 00 + $3. If you do decide to replace a hammer spring or trigger return spring, make sure it is 100% reliable if you plan to use it for self defense. 5 lb) The major complaint with the Beretta 92FS Trigger is that is has a very heavy 10 - 11lb i guess i must have the only good one they ever made. A member of US embassy security carries what appears to be a blued Taurus PT945, which Bourne manages to take from him during a struggle. The only aftermarket parts I had on my PT945 were a Sprinco Recoil Reducer and a Hogue Handall Grip Sleeve. 40, PT 140 Millennium® PRO . Live Chat Live Chat. Most of the result you get there will be applicable to your taurus too. I just bought my first handgun in over 20 years. Taurus agreed to the recall as part of the settlement of a lawsuit that alleges nine handgun models had defects, including one that caused some to inadvertently fire when dropped or to fire when Taurus® Performance. 97. Taurus PT945 Trigger- Trigger Bar- Pin & Spring pt 945 45acp PARTS. A replacement of the hammer spring (back to orig The Taurus PT 145 features a visible and tactile loaded chamber indicator. The best place to search is the S&W forum. The trigger safety is a pretty basic design that we have all seen on many polymer pistols. 00 Original Brazilian manufactured trigger for small frame Taurus revolvers, stainless steel, no parts fitted, *New Old Stock* (NOS). Gregor (Stellan Skarsgard) also disarms "The Dapper Gent" , a Russian mafia member, of this same pistol when he is dealing the package. 380, Model 180 CRV ** AmmoLand Gun News USA -(AmmoLand. Get Cheap Taurus Trigger Spring Kit at best online store now!! Taurus Trigger Spring Kit BY Taurus Trigger Spring Kit in Articles Taurus Trigger Spring Kit Reviews : You finding where to buy Taurus Trigger Spring Kit for cheap best price. One-piece extension unit 50 mm TAURUS 3+4 with spring-loaded trigger system : 1457959 : One-piece extension unit 100 mm TAURUS 3+4 with spring-loaded trigger system : 1457960 : Extension unit 100 mm for TAURUS 3 and 4 : 1457947 : Angle head 90° compact : 1457921 : GRiv-Amp : 1457699 : GRiv-Count : 1463062 : Rivet counter sensor changeover set Then, I'm going to try getting the 9# trigger spring out of the Wolff spring kit to work. TAURUS 4 with spring-loaded trigger system The TAURUS tool series features the unique modular system developed by GESIPA, which keeps the need for stocks of spare parts to a minimum and enables stress-free maintenance, while also providing high setting force in a lightweight tool. Flu*****'buffs are not hard on Taurus either if you are mechanically inclined. TAURUS 1 with spring-loaded trigger system The TAURUS tool series features the unique modular system developed by GESIPA, which keeps the need for stocks of spare parts to a minimum and enables stress-free maintenance, while also providing high setting force in a lightweight tool. 49: 79273: taurus pt945 +10% xp magazine spring pak of 3 : 17. Taurus PT738 TCP 380 ACP 6-Round Used Trade-in Pistol with Stainless Slide $139. Note: Factory Trigger Return Spring is 10 pounds Factory Hammer Spring is 14 pounds *Important Note: . Description. Tag: Taurus Model 85 Trigger Spring Center Pin. It is DA only, and the trigger is almost impossible to pull. Single-action trigger pull of the PT945s tested for this article averaged 4. for sale by MiGa Gun Parts on GunsAmerica - 950831824 Fits PT 111 Millennium® G2 / G2c 9mm, PT 111 Millennium® G2s 9mm . Get your Taurus PT-945 parts and accessories now from America's leading parts supplier, Numrich. Well, I call that a double action/single action, I don’t care if you can see a hammer or not. It is in excellent working condition with stout spring. $18. Or If you would like to buy The Taurus Judge 45 Colt 410 . Taurus PT945 Altamont's Ultima Panel White Pearl-lite Uses Factory Hardware - Description. Doesn't appear to have been inserted into a pistol. I installed it in conjunction with the Wilson trigger bar spring kit. Figure 1. 45 pistol. The Taurus PT 809 has several features that are often not available on other handguns in that price range. The Taurus G3c features an ergonomic grip, easy trigger pull and a full set of features for daily concealed carry. A bit of work with some #600 w-o-d paper and a Dremel felt polisher, along with a Wolff trigger spring, made worlds of difference in the quality and weight of the trigger pull. I'm assuming We have a brand new Taurus . Repair or restore your favorite revolver with all original parts!These triggers are for smaller frame Taurus revolvers. com. 97. 10+ Barrel. 32 oz New 8 round magazine for the Taurus PT945 . is a Florida based holding company which owns some of the most robust firearms brands currently available on the US Market. 50 shipping. 17190 . I will call in short term as Taurus Pt945 For many who are trying to find Taurus Pt945 review. Product #: 568480A Part Key: 53 APEX Gun Parts is your source for hard to find gun parts, parts kits, and accessories. SEE Taurus Pt945 Sights IN BEST PRICES NOW. He was able to apply his knowledge of the 686 to take down the Taurus 66 despite obvious differences in design. A Wolff spring will be exact . 380 ACP 6 Round Steel Magazine. I recently bought a Taurus . 99; Brand: Always grip the slide so that your fingers, hand, elbow, and other parts of your body are BEHIND the pistol and your finger is off of the trigger. $15. The pistol also boasts a trigger safety. Taurus Pt945 is best in online store. 89: 51219: taurus pt945 xp recoil spring Great deals on Taurus Pt945 In Pistol Parts. Kingston, NY 12401 Phone: 866. I noticed this on my Taurus 17C, and had hoped that this was merely a new trigger which needed breaking in; but the trigger is the same on the 941, which was bought used. This is advertised as a striker fired gun, with Taurus’s exclusive RESTRIKE capability. The EF 1911 will tear holes in coke cans from 30-40 feet away and this spring Taurus will just make a satisfying plink. Can someone here give me an idea why this might be, and Disassembly and re-assembly is a little more difficult than the Taurus PT-22, involving the removal of the barrel and managing an open slide recoil spring. 4. mm Para $30 Taurus PT-100/PT 10192 9mm $28. Fast & Free shipping on many items! When I got my PT945, I did not care for the curvature of the DA trigger either. on Brownells web site and found this: WOLFF TAURUS 73, 85, & 605 SHOOTERS PAK for $10. I was in the Army and have plenty of experience with military rifles, but have only shot a . Add to Cart. Other versions of the PT92 include the PT99, which has an adjustable rear sight and a taller front sight, the compact PT92C, and the PT100 and PT101, which are . Buyer pays $8. ALTAMONT® Taurus PT92 grips will fit Taurus PT92, PT99, PT100, or PT101 DECOCKER models ONLY OK. The safety lever is actually the trigger shoe, and it produces an excellent pull without compromising safety. Last Updated on Wed, 16 Dec 2020 | Taurus Pistol. Be careful to maintain control of the spring assembly as you release the tension. I really like the 12+1 capacity and the fact that there is a manual safety. 380 has received special attention — ergonomics, slide racking, trigger, recoil management, and takedown. 95. 95. 00 shipping and handling to 48 states. 45 Colt, 2" Barrel, 5 Rounds Taurus M380 Mini Revolver–How to Lighten the Trigger (VIDEO) 02/11/2013 04:30 PM | by Max Slowik. Taurus PT945 45acp, pistol parts, pins, springs, and lever. The trigger itself is well designed, being both wide and smooth. Thanks to Galloway for this spring, makes shooting more enjoyable. That is a remarkable improvement !. Before I get to what Taurus says about those elements, let’s get the preliminary information out of the way. 27 shipping. Trigger spring was longer than the original and had to be trimmed. Taurus Holdings is owned by the famous publicly Brazilian firm Taurus Armas, S. , but the design does allow for second-strike capability. 50 Click button to purchase HAMMER SPRINGS (Mainsprings) Design. Remove the spring and then twist the bushing in the opposite direction and remove. The main spring housing is plastic. Out of stock These springs have two legs and do dual duty as both trigger return spring and cylinder stop, or bolt spring. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation 226 Williams Ln. Taurus calls this the Pittman trigger system, named after Jason Pittman, the lead designer on the TX22 project and the person who designed the trigger system. 5lb. They have well made, well priced products. Not damaged or dinged in anyway. Suprisingly it is fairly accurate for a snub type guy! Anyway the hammer and trigger return springs are so doggone heavy it drives me goofy! Tried Wolff and nothing listed. Not only is the trigger about half of the poundage that it used to be, but it also feels smoother with no build. This was exceptional for a budget gun and was not too light for a carry gun for me. The best feature is that they also fit the G2 series as well as Taurus’s previous PT111-40 models. I think we can all agree, the G2’s biggest downfall was the sloppy trigger. The installation is a bit tricky though. A 17 round magazine, 1913 forend rail, novak sights, double/single trigger, ambi controls with a full size grip are just a few worth mentioning. Trigger Action design is from Beretta. If your new grip interferes with the trigger bar's up and down movement or the spring, you probably can't fire the gun. Trigger pull weights decreased fairly consistently as the rebound spring weight decreased, though the 12-pound rebound spring had a slightly higher average pull weight than would be expected. I appreciate a short and light trigger press. 80 pounds with 10 readings from my Lyman Electronic Trigger Pull Gauge. These early revolvers can be identified by a rebounding hammer. The superb trigger press averaged about 4. About the only way you can reduce the tension afforded the trigger by such a flat trigger spring is to take some of the set out of the spring, then thin the Explore our range of battery-powered setting tools, manual blind riveting tools, automatic riveting machines and hydro-pneumatic setting tools. This adds up to a trigger pull of about 8 lbs. $12. #Cool # Where to buy Shop for cheap price Taurus G2c Trigger Kit And Sd9ve Attachments. and 1 (one) 8 pound Trigger Return Spring allowing adjustment for lighter and smoother trigger and hammer action. Caliber. TAURUS MODEL PT945 SEMI-AUTO PISTOL 4. 99 Taurus PT945 45 ACP Stainless 8-Round Used Trade-in Pistol $319. Look at all pics and ask any questions Condition is "Used" as pictured Shipped with USPS First Class. 45 auto). I combine shipping cost with other items whenever possible. chamber indicator. Short for Taurus Optics Ready Option , these popular 9mm Luger handguns are now set up for mini red dot sights. The 3rd series In case of a misfire, the striker can be activated again with a long trigger pull thereby providing second-strike capability without having to manually clear or cycle the pistol. $65 Value. 95 Read more; Trigger Spring Set for the Taurus Spectrum $ 12. If you obsession support picking out the absolute pocket Taurus G2c Trigger Fix , our detailed How-To Guides can guide you in the right direction. This is a 10rd 9mm Factory gun mag. $38. A 5 to 6 pound trigger pull is typical after installation of the KVP Reduced Power Spring Kit. The trigger pull leaves a bit to be desired. Feel Free to ask questions! We attempt to answer all questions promptly. Bourne tosses the gun in a trash can while making his escape. mine is not for sale, and it rides in my truck, along with a taurus PT945 (. , RP hammer Prices Listed are M. I don’t know if Taurus fixed that but on my gun when they built the trigger (24) it was fairly right angled on the trigger face and when I pulled the trigger rapidly (24) it hurt. To determine if chamber is loaded, make sure your finger is not on the trigger or inside the trigger guard and pull slide to rear and visually inspect the chamber. End of content. Inspired by the feel and functionality of Beretta’s iconic 92 pistols, the Taurus PT-945 delivers a lighter and more compact solution for practical concealed carry and self-defense. I wound up transplanting a PT908 trigger into it. Pull the slide of the gun back until the notches line up with the slide release lever. they were both cheap buys, and i trust CAUTION - Taurus Models PT111, PT140, PT911, PT938, PT940 and PT957 manufactured before July, 2000 do NOT contain a loaded. Trigger is good with a very short reset. 45 ACP 8-round magazine for Taurus PT-945 pistols. Despite the many design changes, the Taurus PT92 still retains many of the design elements from the original Beretta 92, such as the shape of the trigger. What’s more, with a $30 trigger upgrade from Keep Tinkering, the G2c becomes a terrific performer for its […] Don't intend to do any fettling but just need enough knowledge to remove and replace the hammer and trigger springs. Yep, I know I can take the Dremel and a wheel and cut off both springs but that's not the way to approach it. Payment information!!! Taurus has become a major force in the American handgun market. The 2nd series resulted from a complete redesign of the 1st, but retaining the double-action only trigger system. 00 and an hour of your Taurus PT945 Trigger- Trigger Bar- Pin & Spring pt 945 45acp PARTS. The double-action-only Taurus . 25). 410/. Taurus PT-22 22LR 8 Round The factory standard springs are 14 for hammer and 15 for trigger, so I went to work and replaced the trigger with the 11 pound spring and the hammer with the 10 pound spring. This gun has a full metal internal barrel for a reliable performance and has a plastic body and slide that won't be cumbersome to hold & fire for long periods of time. Home / Products tagged “Taurus Model 85 Trigger Spring Center Pin” / Products tagged “Taurus Model 85 Trigger Spring The all-steel Taurus 1911 Commander pulls off the compact iteration of the icon flawlessly at a price that can’t be beat. My wife has MS and cannot pull the trigger with this much weight. 3 out of 5 stars 200. Taurus PT945. 50. 686. $15. No more pages to load. delta firearms is a licenced firearms distributer. TANDEMKROSS Ruger® 10/22® "Shadow" Mount V2. Number of shots. It has no scratches or marks. Beretta 92FS / M9 / 92 / 96 Pro Trigger Kit 12 lb Hammer Spring (Lightest Possible Trigger Pull)13 lb Hammer Spring14 lb Hammer SpringLighter Firing Pin Return SpringImproved Extractor SpringLighter Trigger Return SpringLighter Sear Spring15 lb Extra Power Recoil Spring (Stock Recoil Spring is 13. double recoil With a matte-black steel slide, three-dot sights, a polymerframe, a 4. 00 + $3. You will probably find detailed information and pictures. 49: sku description price ($) taurus pt945 std recoil spring 17lb : 7. Customer Feedback. I've run into a couple of problems. Service Pak for Taurus Small Frame Revolvers contains the following springs: 1 Each 9 Pound Reduced Power Hammer Spring and 1 Each 6. I bought a blued Taurus 94 for my son about 3 years ago and it had a terrible double action trigger pull. Looking at it from this perspective there are a couple of things standing out. Trigger Spring Trigger Spring. The Taurus G2c Handgun Magazine for their new G2c line of pistols feature a steel body and the latest metallurgy incorporated into the follower spring for max durability. 95 $21. Taurus PT1911 8 Round . 97. Action and result: Still suspecting a weak sear spring (a restricted part that Taurus will not sell) I disassembled the sear bracket and un-bent the sear spring to increase the upward force on the sear. Get it as soon as Fri, Apr 2. The trigger springs are longer than the original and have to be trimed to length since they compress fully before the hammer trips and the hammer doesn't fall. The mechanism now partially protrudes above the surface of the backstrap of the grip. 5 and 9 Pound Reduced Power Trigger Return Springs Allowing Adjustment for Lighter and Smoother Trigger and Hammer Action. I have a Taurus Spectrum trigger spring that reduces the trigger pull on my Spectrum from 9 lb, 9. 5 trigger. On June 15, Taurus announced the release of the G3c, a compact version of their G3 pistol, with clone-like resemblance to their G2 carry gun. Ten-round magazine is standard. 22 and . Read more; Wilson Combat 945RB Trigger Assembly for Glock Gen 5, Flat, Red $ 89. Sig Sauer factory (new style) Trigger Bar Spring for P227, P226, P228, P229 and P245 models. Technical Information: Firearm Fit: Taurus PT945; Caliber: 45 ACP; Material: Steel Taurus Model 85 V2 Ultra-Lite Trigger Spring Swivel. - are unchanged, but the trigger itself has been changed to the trigger and trigger safety tab from the Taurus G3; slightly wider than the G2C's, with a more pronounced curve and safety deactivator tab. Reinstall the spring on the Taurus PT-945 Hammer , Gold Plated PT-940, PT945 Taurus PT-945 Firing Pin Assembly PT-908, PT-940, PT-945 Taurus PT-945 Extractor The trigger return spring would normally be visible from the side indicated by the red arrow. these are in good condition with few light handling marks and a small pry mark on the bottom of the right panel. Products may vary from those depicted, and Taurus reserve the right to modify, change or discontinue product, pricing or features at any time without prior notice. If you have a failure to ignite a primer, you can just pull the trigger again. The trigger parts - the trigger bar, springs, etc. 8" Weight. Taurus Trigger Spring Kit Reviews : You want to buy Taurus Trigger Spring Kit . not the end-user. Taurus is rolling out a new generation of G3 and G3C pistols with the new TORO lineup. How to disassemble (field strip) Taurus PT911 PT940 and PT945 pistols: 1) remove the magazine by pressing the magazine release button; 2) check that the chamber is empty; 3) depress the takedown lever stop, which is the small button located on the right of the frame above the trigger guard; 4) while holding the button down, rotate the takedown lever (located at the left side of the frame GLAD TO SEE YOU HERE. Built around a single-action-only striker-fired system, the Taurus Pittman Trigger System (PTS) found in the TX22 utilizes a short, 5 lb. 40 Rod Concealed Carry Holster,Inside the Waistband kydex IWB Holster For Taurus TS9 Concealment clip Concealed Carry Right Hand Draw,Concealed Carry kydex IWB Holster For Sig Sauer M18 P320C X Compact Carry Inside the They are easy to change, including on Taurus revolvers. Hammer spring was a direct replacement, but the 6. 22LR semi-auto that, out of the box, runs like a custom-tuned pistol but comes at a price point that puts a competition-level handgun All things considered, it’s better to have a strong spring rather than a weak spring as there’s little to no chance of accidently dumping the magazine. 80 Pounds 2. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay. Taurus replaced several parts but the trigger force was still erratic after the gun came back from Miami. The G3 and G3C are Taurus’ mid-size and subcompact polymer-framed, striker-fired handguns for personal defense and everyday carry. its pretty accurate too for such a small pistol. This is in really great shape. I looked at the reviews for the short reach trigger and decided to give it a try. -Clean up contact faces of trigger group, just to slick it up. While you have the trigger (24) out of the frame (12) then polish the face of the trigger where your finger pushes on it. we only supply goods to retailers & wholesalers. Good used Plastic Round butt service grips for medium frame Taurus revolvers made prior to 1988. The all-steel Taurus 1911 Commander pulls off the compact iteration of the icon flawlessly at a price that can’t be beat. Wow comes to mind. Taurus makes 1911s, and they knew the above, so it shouldn’t come as Taurus judge problems Holsters | Apparel | Bulletproof | Tactical Accessories | SpeedloadersIWBM247 Professional Customer ServiceInternational Free ShippingMIL-SPEC QualityPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONLaserTuckFITS Taurus PT709 With Trigger Guard Laser Holster MechanismPassive RetentionAbout the HolsterLaserTuck is designed for carrying multiple sub-compact single-stack pistols with trigger guard lasers installed – inside Taurus PT945 Trigger- Trigger Bar- Pin & Spring pt 945 45acp PARTS. Taurus Pt945 45Acp 8RD MAG Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name Taurus PT111 Factory 9mm 10-round Magazine Factory gun magazine for Taurus PT111 pistols. Recoil Spring, Firing Pin Spring, Trigger Spring, Extractor Spring, Taurus Curve . You are purchasing a Taurus, Model 85, 38 Special Caliber, Trigger Spring Swivel. The PT 145 also features the Taurus Security System key-locking mechanism. The double action weight is a consistent and somewhat surprising 11 3/4 pounds, as measured with my Timney Trigger This auction is only for the trigger and trigger spring; the pictures of the gun are only included to see what the trigger looks like, installed. 10/22® Green Spring Install The trigger is an achievement, so much so that Taurus is giving credit in name: Taurus Pittman Trigger System (PTS). Taurus Pt945 Sights BY Taurus Pt945 Sights in Articles Taurus Pt945 Sights On Sale . 27 shipping. The trigger is a monster. The Taurus 865 features a double action trigger and an exposed hammer for single action capability. Taurus, I have a novel idea that goes something like this: Admit that your Taurus pistols were faulty, then apologize for it and let the gun community at large know how very sorry you are. FAQ | CONTACT US | PRIVACY POLICY Taurus 358000405 Spectrum 380 ACP 7rd Black w/Gray Bottom Metal Taurus 358000405 Spectrum 380 ACP 7rd Black w/Gray Bottom Metal $ 15. I only replaced the trigger spring In my M85 replacing the 15lb factory with a 9lb one, I have been considering trying the 6. Bases and followers are injection molded from polymers selected for their durability. It is a nice-looking part and is ready for a new home; some parts may show some blemishes, scratches & handling marks here and there & require cleaning. I would change out the hammer spring and the trigger return springs. . Reassembled, and what can I say. 45 ACP I am selling my PT945 . dual spring recoil assembly uses all-steel supports instead of a mix of steel All Taurus Magazines. 5-5. Tag: Taurus Model 85 Parts. com, buy online gun parts and accessories for your Taurus pistols and revolvers. 5 to 5. Taurus PT945 45acp, pistol parts, pins, springs, and lever. 38 Special - Trigger Spring Swivel and Mainspring Center Pin. The Taurus along with the springs that were ordered. While holding the slide with the muzzle pointing away from you, put your thumb or index finger on the rear-facing portion of the recoil spring assembly. I’m going to replace the trigger that came on this 1911, with an Aluminum match-grade one, and perhaps replace the trigger/sear/grips safety spring with a much better one – to get the trigger pull weight down – I think we can get it down to 5-lbs or less without too much trouble, maybe a little bit less. The trigger pull on the sample Taurus PT22 was smooth in double-action mode, stacking before the release. Taurus Judge . Trigger Bar Spring. 95 Add to cart; Stainless Recoil Assembly Guide Rod, for the . 0 Ruger® 10/22® Magazine Rotor Install Instructions Ruger® 10/22® Feed Lip Install Instructions Disconnector for Ruger ® 10/22® Install Instructions. Add to Cart. Sold individually. Any other suggestions or ideas for me to do while its on the bench? Gun's primary role is carry defense. I looked online and saw they make a spring replacement kit from Wolff gunsprings. models 80. I'm going to have to include at least a new rivet (the trigger uses a custom rivet, or is staked on to the trigger bar). Base Pad Metal PT92/917/915/940; Base Plate PT111; Lakeline LLC Threaded Target Barrel for the 9mm Taurus G3C, G2C, G2S and PT111 G2 TiN $ 134. Double action only. This is a short stroke SAO trigger for the Taurus PT111/140 G2/G2C/G2S/G3/G3C series of guns. Home / Products tagged “Taurus Model 85 Parts” / Products tagged “Taurus Model 85 Parts” $ Taurus judge problems Taurus PT945 Trigger- Trigger Bar- Pin & Spring pt 945 45acp PARTS. 6oz. 99 $ 10. The trigger guard on the 9mm pistol feels much tighter as one would expect. As springs go, it's generally a bad idea to clip coil springs in order to reduce their strength, especially in hammer or trigger return/rebound springs. Home > Blog > Taurus PT945. With the new Galloway Precision spring the trigger pull is 8-3/4 pounds. Taurus Old Model 65 Mainspring Trigger Springs may require some modification. 00 Used Taurus Judge Magnum Polished Blue Trigger Spring Centerpin. However, changing out CO2 is a pain in the butt when you're just trying to work on handgun shooting fundamentals and I'm always afraid my neighbor is going to wonder what all the noise is and complain. Monday through Friday! Payments. I had lighter springs in two Taurus 85s and they functioned 100% in SA and DA. 40 S&W versions of the PT92 These you won’t need to change, as they’re among the best designs to have on the 1911. taurus pt945 trigger spring